Protest special education budget cuts

Peter Parker
Event date 30 Dec '20 10:00 - 12:00
Event location Parliament Square • London, United Kingdom
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As you are all well aware, the government has proposed another round of budget cuts be made against special education. There have been so many cuts already special needs students are struggling to get the assistance and support they need to benefit from their education, some even have to forego getting an education completely.

You can read more about the consequences of these cuts in this excellent article on The Guardian.

As we feel everyone has a right to good access to education we want to protest this new round of budget cuts the day the vote takes place in parliament.

For those we cannot attend we will announce the online component to this protest here.

If you cannot make your own protest sign let us know in the comments and we will provide one for you.

If you need help with transportation getting to the protest please send me a personal message so we can arrange this for you. If you own a car or minivan that can help transport people to the protest also please do get in touch!

Let’s make it a great day of coming together and working towards positive change!